Zero Waste

We work with local authorities and local people towards a goal of zero waste, 100% reuse and recycling, increasing awareness of the need to reduce waste and increase recycling promoting community-based reuse and recycling schemes.

We’re pleased to be working closely with Wiltshire Council and Corsham Town Council on making Corsham plastic waste free.  Our campaign started with a well attended workshop on 25 July 2018, where both Wiltshire and Corsham Town Councils expressed their strong support for our campaign.  We are now actively working with local businesses and organisations and getting a lot of buy in to reducing plastic waste – many have already taken steps to reduce this themselves already.  If you are a local business or community organisation in Corsham and would like to get involved with the campaign, why not get in touch?  We’re also active at local events throughout the year, where many local people have expressed their support for the campaign.

We have been compiling a directory of suppliers of alternatives to disposable plastic products, many of them local businesses.  Our current draft is attached here, which we are constantly updating – if you know of good alternative products please let us know.   We’ve also produced checklists for individuals and organisations to use to assess how to reduce plastic waste, comments welcome. We’ve also produced a Zero Plastic Waste Directory, which lists local businesses supporting the Zero Plastic Waste and Refill campaigns as well as where to recycle mainstream and non-mainstream plastic waste.

Zero Plastic Waste Directory

Individual Plastic Waste Free Challenges

Clubs and Groups Plastic Waste Free Challenges

Alternatives to plastics