Zero Waste

Working with local authorities and local people towards a goal of zero waste, 100% reuse and recycling, increasing awareness of the need to reduce waste and increase recycling promoting community-based reuse and recycling schemes.

Meeting monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month at 6.30 p.m.  Contact Pip Parker on 01249 712230 for more details.

Notes of Zero Waste Group meeting, 12 October 2015

Anna, Pip, Sue, Chris and Ed attended, apologies from Sally, Helen and Jane

  1. Trip to Hills Recycling Plant at Compton Bassett – Ed, Pip, Anna, and friends Claire, Caspar and Oli going.  Sadly no other interest from Adam emailing the TCC mailing list.
  2. Christmas Lights Switch On – Decided not to have a stall this year, think Nikki and Jessica will have a Fairtrade Stall and we may be able to put some ZW cotton carrier bags for sale on their stall – Pip will check.  Sue Dowle happy to help on the stall if needed.
  3. Christmas Tree Festival in St Bartholomew’s Church – Again, Fairtrade group going to do a tree this year instead.
  4. Give and Take Day – very successful.  Nikki has asked if the next one can be in Fairtrade Fortnight next year so they can do a café again – Pip will check Saturday 5 and Saturday 12 March for Selwyn Hall, Box, 10.30 – 12.30.
  5. Sue Dowle to contact Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to find out more about their new “Recycling Champions” initiative.
  6. Next Repair Café at The Pound – 23 January.
  7. Date of next meeting – 9 November, 6.30pm (or possibly 6pm so Anna can attend).

Notes of Zero Waste Group meeting, 10 August 2015

Pip, Kelly, Ed, Sue, Anna, Chris and Helen met, apologies received from Jane and Sarah

It was agreed that next year we would revert to 2 Give and Take events for the year, one at Box, one at Corsham.  It was a bit ambitious to try 4 this year!

Possible purchase of carrier bags to give out/sell at Transcoco event on 26 September – Anna had got some info on one particular supplier from a friend, she will forward to Pip.  Pip to find out how much they charge to put a logo on.  Agreed we needed bags with long handles – if anyone can come up with a slogan to put on the side, please let Pip know before end August.  Otherwise, will just have Transcoco logo.  Pip to also research other suppliers.

Event on 26 September – Sue and Ed and possibly Kelly will be away.  Pip, Chris, Anna and Helen will be available to man the stall and run the Give and Take – will probably need a couple more helpers, hopefully Sarah/Sally/Jane?  Agreed the ZW stall will focus on the new government charge for carrier bags (Helen to get more info on this); have a number of items to demonstrate what can be recycled and where (Sue to provide items with appropriate labelling and a sign saying something like “which of these can be recycled, and where?” – as a hands on display); and hopefully some information leaflets on the new opening times for the Household Recycling Centres in Wiltshire (Kelly to see if she can source?).

Possible visit to the Hills recycling facility at Compton Bassett – we had a trip about 3 years ago, but with several new members of the group it would good to do another one.  Pip has got a contact at Hills from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, she will forward the info to Ed to pursue possible dates.  Will then invite all the Transcoco mailing list.

Next Repair Café at The Pound is 19 September, 2 – 4pm.  Will do rota for helpers at next ZW meeting.

Next ZW Meetings – 7pm on Wednesday 2 September at The Pound (before Transcoco Open Meeting), then 6.30pm on Monday 12 October and Monday 9 November at Pip’s house.