Fairtrade Group

fairtrade logoCorsham has become a Fairtrade Town!

The Corsham Fairtrade group set out to make Corsham a Fairtrade Town, because we believe we should shop locally for local food and products where possible and Fairtrade products where we cannot.  Fairtrade offers a fair trade premium to farmers and producers around the world for their goods eg coffee, chocolate, bananas, cotton – products we cannot produce locally.

The Fairtrade Group comprises representatives from local churches, schools, the Town Council and other community groups as well as Transcoco.

We were awarded Fairtrade status because we were able to demonstrate that Corsham is committed to using Fairtrade products in local retailers, food outlets, businesses, schools, churches and other community organisations.

We believe that Fairtrade brings benefits to Corsham because it:

  • Gives us an identity with other Fairtrade Towns
  • Helps brand Corsham as a vibrant community
  • Demonstrates support for sustainable environmental work
  • Shows that Corsham retailers, cafés and businesses care about communities and global society.

fairtrade launch