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Fairtrade Fortnight event

Our recent Fairtrade Fortnight, Fairtrade @ The Pound Event was designed to give a better understanding of how choosing Fairtrade helps us achieve sustainability and equality worldwide.

Kenyan tea planter Patrick Kaberia’s video message showed exactly how his community are working to produce Fairtrade tea in a way which is beneficial to the natural world and also to the families in his community. We know that if families have a secure income, if their children are educated and if there is gender equality within the pay structure and decision making, then those communities are less likely to seek refuge elsewhere, to engage in violence and are able to live sustainably.

We were also very lucky to be able to have two fantastic talks from Helen Stride and Janine Davies from within Transcoco and Fairtrade Corsham.  Their messages about creating societies which are fair, regenerative and help people to flourish were exciting and refreshing. 

Steve Abbott, Chair of Corsham Town Council gave a very perceptive welcome address which shaped our whole evening and we welcomed two other local Councillors, Neville Farmer and Phil Whalley along with David Martin, Corsham’s Chief Executive. Neville’s vote of thanks pointed out that, by paying a little more to buy products with the Fairtrade mark, we are supporting a long term programme of sustainability and security.  Thank you so much to all of you. Corsham Town Council has been supporting Fairtrade for the past seven years and this is very much appreciated. Ruth Hopkinson sent her apologies this year as she is on annual leave. We missed you, Ruth.  Michelle Donelan MP attended our Fairtrade Cafe recently and her staff noticed the Fairtrade signs on the entrances to Corsham kindly placed by Council staff. 

Our stalls this year included: Shared Interest, Traidcraft, Zaytoun, Plastic Free Corsham, Fairtrade gold jewellery and Wiltshire for Refugees. We were also very pleased to welcome The Corsham Coop with a stall showcasing The Coop’s Fairtrade tea, coffee, chocolates and delicious Fairtrade Easter eggs. The Coop also very generously donated a Fairtrade hamper which we raffled to raise money for Fairtrade producers. 

The Pound Arts Centre did a great job supporting our event with fantastic technical wizardry from Sam and great Fairtrade refreshments at The Pound Cafe thanks to Helen and her staff.

We learned so much from our evening and felt that kindness was very high on the agenda. The way in which so many people from different parts of our community came together to explore ways of creating fairer ways of living seemed to mirror our message, buying Fairtrade makes a difference.

Huge thanks to you all and especially our Fairtrade Corsham team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Fairtrade has a voice in Corsham.

Corsham has become a Fairtrade Town!

The Corsham Fairtrade group set out to make Corsham a Fairtrade Town, because we believe we should shop locally for local food and products where possible and Fairtrade products where we cannot.  Fairtrade offers a fair trade premium to farmers and producers around the world for their goods eg coffee, chocolate, bananas, cotton – products we cannot produce locally.

The Fairtrade Group comprises representatives from local churches, schools, the Town Council and other community groups as well as Transcoco.

We were awarded Fairtrade status because we were able to demonstrate that Corsham is committed to using Fairtrade products in local retailers, food outlets, businesses, schools, churches and other community organisations.

We believe that Fairtrade brings benefits to Corsham because it:

  • Gives us an identity with other Fairtrade Towns
  • Helps brand Corsham as a vibrant community
  • Demonstrates support for sustainable environmental work
  • Shows that Corsham retailers, cafés and businesses care about communities and global society.

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