Corsham Community Bees

029 Two Bee Hives Established!

Our first bee colony was installed in Corsham in May 2011. The second beehive was established shortly afterwards and we have harvested honey from these hives every year. We received a small grant from the Co-operative Society for the Corsham Community Bees project, to pay for essential equipment, and plan to increase the number of hives to five or six (or even more!) over coming years.

The health of honeybees is an important element of a sustainable community. We need to nurture bees and help them recover to a sustainable, natural population, so our community project will add more beehives to the Corsham Area, owned and run BY the community FOR the community.  Anyone in the local community can become a member of Corsham Community Bees and support our work – and share in the rewards!  Experienced beekeepers – or those who might be interesting in becoming one – are especially welcome.

This is a Natural Beekeeping project and not a commercial venture – honey, propolis and wax production is seen as a bonus rather than the prime motive for beekeeping.

“ … The strange thing is that fruit trees and similar plants thrive better where there is apiculture than in regions where there is not. When the bees remove the honey nectar from the plants, nature does not stand idly by, but creates even more such fruitful plants. So it is that the human being derives benefits not only from the honey the bees provide but also from that which is offered by the plants that bees have visited. This is an important law, into which you can gain deep insight…” Rudolf Steiner: Bees

If you feel you feel you would like to support our natural beekeeping project,  please come along to the next Transcoco open meeting.

10931495_725036130937144_7285497144479053678_nBread and honey