Letter to Michelle Donelan

Ref http://www.transcoco.org.uk/michelle-donelan-responds/ Dear Michelle, Thank you for your response which I very much appreciated.  With respect to CO2 emissions, yes I acknowledge that over the last few years there have been great increases in energy efficiency, coal fired power stations have been replaced with more efficient gas and latterly increased renewable production which has significantly reduced carbon intensity as a scientific fact.  However, any scientific fact has well defined ‘assumptions’ and ‘scopes’ which in this case do not include international shipping, air travel and the embodied CO2 Continue reading →

Michelle Donelan Responds

See previous Letter to Michelle: http://www.transcoco.org.uk/letter-to-michelle-donelan/ Dear Richard, Thank you for your reply. I can confirm that the claim you reference in your first line is absolutely incorrect. It is not a government claim that C02 has fallen by nearly 40% since 1990, it is a scientific fact. I would urge you to read the following short brief: https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-why-the-uks-co2-emissions-have-fallen-38-since-1990 . I would also urge you to consider that the 40% is figure is actually rather conservative in its use, given that growing population figures meant that emissions Continue reading →

Letter To Michelle Donelan

Dear Michelle,   thank you for your response where you highlight the governments claim to have reduced CO2 emissions by 40% since 1990.  I note that Ms Thunberg rebuked the government for quoting this figure as it does not include aviation, shipping and imports.  Ms Thunberg said that the real figure was closer to 10% but that depends on how the accounting is done and as we all know accountants can be very ‘creative’.     My concern in this response is the contribution of transport Continue reading →