June litter pick

Our June litter pick went well and the weather was sunny for a change! 10 willing helpers turned up and 9 full bags of rubbish were collected. We covered several areas around Katherine Park, Kings and Queens Avenues to the north of Corsham, parts of the A4 and Bradford Road, the Springfield Campus, Meriton Rec and to the south of Corsham Regis School.   During the month a volunteer found a key whilst out litter picking and via the Shout Out Corsham Facebook page managed to Continue reading →

May litter pick

Our May litter pick was a success, despite the weather trying again to dampen our spirits! Fingers crossed for sunny weather next month.. We had a respectable 9 volunteers turn up and 13 bags of rubbish were collected. We covered several areas around Katherine Park, the roads around and to the south of the Campus, Pickwick Road, Meriton Rec and to the north of Corsham, around Corsham Regis School.   Cigarette butts are a big (or is that small??) problem and they are so time consuming Continue reading →

April litter pick

Our April litter pick was a success despite the drizzly weather, but it did clear up a bit as the morning went on! Twelve adults, including Councillor Ruth  Hopkinson, and two children braved the weather and collected 17 bags of rubbish.  We targeted various areas including Park Lane, part of Lacock Road, the area around Corsham Regis Primary School, Meriton Rec, Leaford Industrial Estate, Potley and the area around the Springfield Campus. Do come along and join in the fun (!!) at our next litter Continue reading →

The cost of Corsham’s Public Realm

We have been living in Towns for about 7000 years and the streets are where we met each other, shop, ran businesses, socialized and where children played.  Just over 100 years ago the motor car came along and began to change the nature of the street, people were pushed to the side pavements and motorized transport became dominant.  In fact laws were passed to ensure the dominance of the car is our streets was maintained.  The result of this change is that streets are now Continue reading →

Why 20 mph is plenty

This post was taken from the West Midland Police Traffic division that eloquently explains why we need 20mph speed limits. ….well it’s like this, traffic levels are rising at about 1.4% a year. Factor in population growth, of which those in the age bracket most likely to drive is swelled by migration and you see that within 8 years we will have over 10% more vehicles on our roads. Anyone think we’ll have 10 % more road capacity? Imagine the cost for a start, it’s Continue reading →